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The official Lumion list of texture collections

The official Lumion list of texture collections

The Lumion team and other Lumion users
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Textures from Poliigon.

Please note: Act-3D B.V. does not imply any warranty or recommendation of the following assets.

1. Image and texture collections
  • Images and textures, free for certain resolutions and daily download limits, wide range, and good quality.
  • About 6600 images and growing. License: "They are free for commercial and non-commercial use with the only limitation.." see the License page.
  • DiscoverTextures: About 300+ images (Nov 2015). Free for use in both personal and commercial projects.
  • Arroway Textures: Large collection of scanned high-resolution photorealistic textures. Extremely high quality.
  • Poliigon: Large collection of high-resolution photo-realistic textures, some of which are free.
  • Substance Source: Large collection of high-resolution photo-realistic Substance materials for use in Adobe (Allegorithmic's) Substance Designer tool. Substance Source Collection.
  • Textures (about 100) are free to be used in any derivative works, both for personal and commercial use, but may not be redistributed.
  • VIShopper: Collections of free and pay for resources; including 2D cut-out people, plants, skies, backgrounds, ground textures.
  • TextureMax: You need to register and are limited to 5 free 512x512 pixels textures a day.
  • MaxTextures: Some very high-resolution seamless textures.
  • SketchUp Texture Club: Four categories of textures. Same resource site as Sketchup Texture.
  • Artem Lebedev: 30 PBR textures: Donationware. Pay as much or as little as you want.
  • RD-Textures: Real Displacement Textures.
  • VIZPARK: Textures and tiles plus an Omnitile plugin tool for 3ds Max.
  • CG Bookcase: Free Creative Commons Zero textures.
  • TextureHaven: Free (or support as a patron) CCO licensed textures up to 8K. Maps for full PBR materials

2. 2D people and cut-outs
  • MrCutoOut: Various sets of freebies, 2D people, 2D vegetation, 2D vehicles etc.
  • FreeDeeLab: Various sets of freebies, 2D People cutouts, some 3D models, note on links to resources in Freebies: "Files to download (please read usage rules in posts)".
  • Viz-People: Selection of people, children, animals from their sold collections.
  • Got3d: Free lower resolution already masked people images and reasonable cost 2D people resources to build your own 2D Billboard Library in Lumion.
  • Architextures: All cutout figures (about 90) are freely available under a Creative Commons license. About 50% at full size seem low quality/sharpness.
  • VIShopper: Collections of free and pay for resources; including 2D cut-out People, Plants, skies, backgrounds, ground textures.
  • Case3D: 200 free 2D cut-out people - 6GB in total!
  • Just Not the Same: 80+ collection, commercial and some non-commercial. Mostly back-facing. Men, women, couples, groups.
  • Escalalatina: A large collection with a focus on Latin Americans. Big collection, including some animals.
  • Nonscandinavia: Collection of diverse entourage from around the world. However, most images have not been licensed for commercial use.
  • Large collection. People, animals, vehicles. Web site allows selection also on perspective view of cutout.
  • Diaz Paunetto: High resolution, small collection, PNG and PSD formats.
  • Tony Textures Free Set: Free Set of People Cutouts - PNG and PSD as single downloadable file. Sampler to their other resources.
  • Epictor: People, silhouettes etc.
  • Brightman Design (USA): 2D people collection.

3. Stock photos
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