Lighting Realistic luminance, shadows & color tones in Lumion 10.5

Mat A

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Hi all!

As I am looking at incredibly detailed and beautiful interior renders using Lumion 10, I can't help but comparing with the very "flat" exports that my Lumion is making. Even if the picture looks fine when I'm working on the software, Lumion exports it in a VERY different way which takes me hours and a whole lot of use of the brush tool on Photoshop to fix (examples attached!) Details are missing, shadows are incorrect.

Would anyone happen to know what seems to be the issue in Lumion? Luminance, shadows and color tones are completely wrong to me. I also notice that if the camera is further away (like shooting a wide room on a 50mm lens), the software seems to lose a lot of details.
How would one fix that? Is there a secret "enhance" or "use full render power" button I haven't seen? 😄

Thank you so much for all your time and help, I appreciate it a lot!

PS: the examples I posted are already color corrected but still, luminance and shadows and details are rendered very differently.

Lumion export issue.jpg



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Hi Mat A, my initial reply would be that your question is difficult to answer without having access to your .LS10 Project files as we don't know which Effects you're using and what their settings are.

To encourage us and other Lumion users to help you out, you could consider posting some download links to your .LS Project files.

Annotations on your renderings that highlight the problems you're referring to would probably also help get more replies.

And lastly, you could let everyone know how much artistic license they have in terms of changing settings, e.g. the sun position etc, to get each rendering to look as good as possible after you make your .LS10 Project files available.

Even if the picture looks fine when I'm working on the software, Lumion exports it in a VERY different way (...) Details are missing, shadows are incorrect.
Previews will of course never look exactly like the final rendering.

Are you comparing the renderings to the High-quality previews?

If so, have you made sure to turn on High-quality previews in the Hyperlight Effect as well?

On a general note, download links to the .LS10 Project files along with the renderings versus the corresponding screenshots of the High-quality preview would also be appreciated so we can see what you're talking about.

Thanks in advance.


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P.S. Nuno Silva made a video tutorial which shows you how to create an interior rendering which is quite similar to the interior renderings you were interested in recreating:



This is a bit of a shameless plug on my part, but I actually just created a video tutorial on YouTube where I break down the different lighting effects and how I think you can get more accurate lighting in Lumion scenes without having to resort to a photo editor. I hope it can help if Nuno's video did not answer all of your questions!

Lumion Lighting Tutorial Link