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Animation Opening Doors


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I have to make a fly-through video, from where I am starting as driving, then entering a building as walking (which is about 50 seconds into the video).
I am having a problem getting the doors of the building to open at the time my clip nears the door. I have no problem in using the advanced move and it opens, just not at the time that I need it to open. Can anybody offer some advice? Thanks.


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Well, you could either do the door-animation with a 50sec. delay. Or upload one door without and another with the animation, place them on two layers and make the animated door only visible before reaching it.


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Hi JNelson

The easiest way is to make sure you are not trying to do it all in one Clip.

So one Clip for the driving part and then through to near the door, but not at the door opening.
Then the next Clip walking to and through the door. It's then easy to time the door opening with the Advanced Move either starting at the beginning of the Clip or even partway through.

In the Advance Move make sure you have a keyframe at 0 of the door closed, then another after x seconds of the door closed, and then after say 3+ seconds the keyframe with the door at 90+/- degrees. You can then also use the Advanced Move Effect - Time offset (delay as dreiD-artist mentions) to time the door animation to the camera view as it is starting to get close and then walk through the door.

Works best in version 10 with linear easeIn/Out.


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Thank you for the responses. I like version 10 except I do not like that everything is highlighted wherever my cursor is.


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I do not like that everything is highlighted wherever my cursor is.
Thanks for the reply.

The highlight you mentioned is visible in Select, Move, Rotate, Scale and Edit Material modes in order to show you what will be selected if you left-click on the highlighted surface.

You can pick a different mode to turn off highlighting.

If you'd like to propose a different way of highlighting surfaces, I'd be grateful if you could please submit your idea via the Lumion product feedback form (this ensures that the developers read your feedback).

Thanks in advance.