Rendering NEED HELP with shadows


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Hi I am student and I need your help.
I am working in old townhall with many stucco plaster and I dont know how to render these small things. In skechup it look like this:

and when i put it into lumion I tried change shadow options but it wont render the stucca what I need. In lumion it look like this:

Maybe I thought it is small depth of stucca plaster but i wasn't sure. I hope somebody help me! =)

Dimitris S

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Hello pernik,

Thanks for the question.
There are a few ways you can go about this and you can choose the best option depending on the result (you are welcome to use all 3 of them at the same time if that works for you). Starting with the most straightforward:

1. Turn on Fine Detail Shadows in the Shadow Effect.

2. Lower the Sun shadow range slider in the Shadow Effect (as the resolution of the sun shadow map increases, the lower the range it has to cover). This means that shadows will become more accurate the lower the range they cover is.

3. If you are done with the modelling process, you can import your SketchUp model as an .SKP file and check the "Import edges" option.Then make the edges semi-transparent for a subtle "edge emphasis look". To achieve that, you need to assign a Standard Material to the edges and lower the Transparency slider value of the material without modifying anything else. Indeed, you might have to be a bit meticulous to manage to select the edges.

Please note: if you are using LiveSync for SketchUp, edges will not be imported to Lumion and, in consequence, you will have to import your model separately.

More info regarding SketchUp import guidelines and importing edges can be found here:
Let us know if anything is unclear and which one of the methods worked best for you.


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Hi pernik

Can you please clarify for me what you are wanting to achieve.

Is it about the shadows (in your title) or the depth of stucco plaster (mentioned twice in your post)?

If its the later (the surfaces do look very flat with little depth) then let us know what the material is that you used along with the settings. Provide a screenshot of the material or save it to an LNM Material File and attach to a post.

If there is no Displacement Map for the material and the material is using a default (minimal) NormalMap then there will be little depth information for Lumion to use in the rendering process.

And do you have an example look that you are after that you could show us.