Concept Art: Doha Oasis Avengers & Transformers

Ken N

Hello there,

There was a competition to design a theme park in Doha (Qatar) a few years ago. The project was called Doha Oasis. I was tasked to design several attractions.

Here are some concepts of the exterior areas for Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. The interior immersive space would be the same as the one that we designed at the Las Vegas Treasure Island Hotel ( or (

EDIT: my first post had only the Avengers concepts. I added the ones for Transformers The Interactive Exhibition that I designed a few years ago. The immersive experience opened in China in January 2018. The concepts here are for the exterior building. The interior rooms would look like this at the end of the video:

The challenge here was to combine the Islamic architecture with the sleek designs of Avengers and Transformers. It was a lot of fun to design.

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!

I built most of the models in SketchUp. Some parts are from 3dwarehouse or other 3d sites.
Lumion version
Versions 7 or 8
PC specifications
Work computer. I can't remember the specs.
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