Rendering Best preset of Effects for PANORAMA interior rendering


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Hello everyone,

I really like to use Lumion for all possible visualizations, but I am still not satisfied with the setting of effects for rendering 360 ° (panorama) in the interior.

Does anyone have any BEST settings that work nicely without missing effects like Hyperlight and Sky Light?

thanks for your responds

Martin Lucci


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Hi Martin

Perhaps if you have a sample LS10 Project or at least an Effects stack you are currently using that you can share of the interior scene, then it might help others with a reply.

And any sample renders discussing where you think things are not working as wanted would really help. In addition, are you after day, night, or another time period for the render.

Given that the majority of an interiors looks and quality are determined by the nature of the interior (amount of direct light, detailing for the interior design), quality of materials and material settings, and then the choice of effects and their settings.


Do you have a photo of the room you want to make a 360 of? I actually found a way that you can make a 360 panorama of a room while still being able to use all of the effects. However the downside to this method is you will not be able to use the MyLumion platform, and it cannot be in a small room like a bathroom but a larger room like a living room will work with no issues. I will be making a video about this method in the next few days!